To find creative ways to bring awareness about global human / sex trafficking and to encourage with education how to eradicate this crime against humanity.

Where We Are:
ICAST is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, with international branches and is a non-profit organization whose mission is the
stopping of human / sex trafficking.

What We Do:
Our Mission grew out of a need to educate the society against the evil of Modern Day Slavery also know as human trafficking.The main area we focus on is Public Awareness Through media exposure we want to end human / sex trafficking.

What We Believe:
Family Federation for World Peace
founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God is deeply concerned about the suffering of today’s victims of human trafficking.  

ICAST was inspired by Reverend Sun Myung Moon who passed away September 3, 2012, and his daughter who felt compelled to preach on the issue of human/sex trafficking on several occasions.  

As a Lay Pastor with Family Federation for World Peace, I felt compelled to do something to educate society about human/sex trafficking, and I formed ICAST as a preeminent tool to help in the fight against human / sex trafficking.

Regardless of your faith tradition, our society is being victimized because of a pornified and sexualized atmosphere which allows human/sex trafficking to exist, and we all must work together to rid it from our streets.

From the Bible: (I Peter 3:18 & 19 ; Ephesians 4:9; Acts 2:31; 2 Peter 2:4 )
I believe that understanding the Human Fall from the Book of Genesis in the Bible, will bring a deeper and clearer recognition of the evil that human/sex trafficking is. Go to Fall of Man --- The Historical Sexual Sin for a eyeopening view of God's painful history of His children-Fallen Man!